My model got banned for Misusing Roblox Systems

Hi, I made a donation board model and it uses require() so it can be up to date in all games whenever I update it. I see a lot of models do this, for example HD Admin. I believe the require() thing is the reason the model got banned. I just don’t get why HD Admin and other models don’t. I already appealed but they denied it without even a follow up message. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

This is related to the model safety changes that rolled out in 2022. In an effort to prevent malicious code from being remotely and inconspicuously inserted, Creator Store assets can no longer require modules by ID.

The announcement also indicates that HD Admin is on a small list of pre-approved assets that were allowed to keep using these restricted features to “minimize disruption”. You can learn more about asset moderation here.

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Oh I see. Is there a way to get on that list?

I’m not aware of a way to apply for approval, but I doubt that you can since their goal was to completely restrict future use. For now, we can only hope that a proper workflow for updating models will be introduced at some point.

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