"My Models" is showing random free models in it

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  1. Hey everyone, I recently ran into an issue where “My Models” in studio is showing random free models in it that I’m not subscribed to or have created. And my actual models are mixed into these models as well.

  2. What I’ve Tried

I’ve filtered “My Models” by “My Assets” but this only shows the models I’ve personally created and not the ones I’ve subscribed to. I’ve also tried double checking my subscribed models to see if I somehow subscribed to a bunch of different models, which I haven’t. I’ve also tried reinstalling studio but “My Models” remained the same.

Has anyone else ran into this, and if you have did you find a fix?


I think I’ve come across a topic where it said that this was a bug, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Perhaps it’s still being “fixed” by Roblox, or you need to wait until Studio magically fixes itself.

I have the same problem.

Now on the “My Models” page the models are shown ALL TOGETHER.

Free models, group models and own models are all displayed together without any need.

Also I realized that the Fourth page of the Toolbox (where the group models were) was removed, That affects my workflow

Click “Models” and then click “My Models” again.

Just gave this a try and got the same results, “My Models” are still mixed with free models.

Same issue here whereby My models shows ALL models including group models.

My group often tends to upload models so it just becomes a total hassle whenever I am trying to search for a specific model that I got.

Instead of going to inventory and my models go to creations and sort by models, it should only show your models.