"My Models" tab for toolbox only displays models I made?

It’s been 4 days without a fix, this is like the most lazyiest thing i’ve ever seen from roblox. How do you execpt developers to develope their amazing games, if they can’t get to the models they need! I am extremely dissapointed.


Roblox engineers are busy doing much more important things at the moment. There was recently a massive issue with revenue that, as far as I know, they are still actively cleaning up. They also just released FIB Phase 1, so there’s also a ton of effort that has to be put towards that. The engineers will fix this when they have the time, complaining like this isn’t going to help.


We are actively working on a fix for this issue. We hope to release in the next day or two.


Yeah…this has pretty much delayed some of my development for the past day and a half. I thought this was an issue on my end when I first noticed but good to hear it’s being fixed currently.


yeah chief this really is making every thing i’m working on (especially commissions) extremely difficult since i rely on using free models in my inventory to help give me an idea of how someone built something.

really do hope the update comes either tomorrow though but as long as the toolbox is absolutely fixed in the next update, then i’m completely satisfied

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This issue is now resolved. Thanks for your patience.


Thank you!

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