My most abstract song

I’m YIR,
I’ve been Composing on Auxy for a year. I wanted opinions on my most experimental track yet.


German for corrupted. No, your audio wasn’t screwing up. That’s part of the song. Corrupted is kinda what the song’s theme is. I was imaging this as traveling through dimensions that sometimes are familiar, but they get more corrupted and crazy as you go on until it ravels itself into complete chaos. I wanted to give some parts (notably beginning) to have unsettling feels. That’s why the drums on the first part are y’know, like that. I’d like opinions on the track and a rating to go along with it as well! Thanks.


From a tonal perspective this music killed me.

However, for the more sound design perspective this is going for, it’s truly amazing. All of the various sounds and even the part at 3:24 all convey that “corrupted” theme. The ambience beginning is also really stunning to listen to, it really caught my ear and wanted to keep listening more to where this song would go.
For a 7 minute song it stays fresh throughout the whole time with all the various contrast, skipping throughout the song it is quite difficult to find two spots that sound exactly the same.

Good work on this one!

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Thank you for the positive feedback! :smiley:

Looking for more opinions! And also fun fact, this song only took me about 1-2 days to make. I personally think it turned out great!

Around the 2:45 minute mark, it sounds like its part of a hotline miami game. Nice work!

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Thank you for the positive feedback!

After like 30 seconds I like the beats but they get much more louder, other than that it’s cool.

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