My New Experience Launched and I Need Feedback

Hello Developers,

I just released my new experience under Broken Disk Entertainment! But, I need some user feedback.

The Genre

I first want to tell you what genre The Generic Booth Experience is. The idea is, players create booths. (I know, groundbreaking) So, it’s basically a social experience. But with booths!


Alright so, time for what you’ve all been waiting for! Screenshots :partying_face:




To make mine standout from the other booths experiences already on Roblox, I decided I wanted X amount of features on release

  • Advice Image Search (Aka, just getting images from the Roblox Marketplace)
  • Night mode. Sometimes you don’t want your eyes to be blinded
  • Run + Custom Input
  • Profile System. Just a basic profile for in-experience
  • Text Customization (Bold and Text Color)


And now I need your feedback!

  • S: Amazing :star_struck:
  • A: Pretty Cool :sunglasses:
  • B: It’s Cool :+1:
  • C: It’s Middle of the Road :point_right:
  • D: Eh. It needs work :confused:
  • E: Oof… :grimacing:
  • F: I Dislike this :-1:

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Also, feel free to post a comment! Constructive Feedback is welcomed!

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Ok im not a regular player of social hangouts so take my feedback with a grain of salt, i might have no idea what im talking about or whats “good” in those games.
That being said, i like the booth config, the custom controls is cool but i dont think anyone is going to appreciate it, would be better to go with a known favorite like Left Ctrl (same as starving artists and pls donate).
What i didnt like too much is that it looks too generic, like there is no theme looks plain, also there is nothing to do besides waiting for someone to come to the booth (this might be me not understanding social games)

Another issue is that the booths might look too dark during night depending on their position, so might be cool to add lights to the booths to turn on in night mode to help visibility.

Keep up the good work and hope to see updates from this. Cheers!

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