My new game "Centro City" Have Some Lag

My new game “Centro City” Have Some Lag.

Btw the game still in beta its should out 2022

I almost finish building

Total Part: 21k
Voxels: 6M

Discord: $ma#0001
Game Link:!/game-instances


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well here’s ya problem
Voxels: 6M

try using streamingenabled


Ik but there games have 16M voxels,
And I am using streamingenabled

How are your scripts organized?

It is probably because of the size/detail of it.

EDIT: I thought this was really detailed but I looked more in-depth and it is actually simple, just texture blocks arranged in some certain ways. It is simple enough in design that there should be only lag because of the size, if you make a lot of stuff into models, set the quality to Streaming Mesh so it will render everything but lower quality until you get close to it and that should fix your problem mostly.

Personally on Graphics level 10 I was getting roughly 150fps, which was pretty good.

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this is unfinished city, go to da city i mean finished cities its will be 60 fps bec its detailed.

ill tell you why you spawned in unfinished city i mean i still didnt add details got it?
so go to da city i mean finished cities and you will see

Btw, I didn’t play the game fyi.

Okay and thanks for your feedback,
and ill look for Streaming Mesh.