My new game Honair Haven out Today!

i have just finished my new game that ive been working on for around a year now and would like some feedback i made the whole game by myself i do mostly modelling and dont know anything about scripting so it was pretty difficult to make but devforum was very helpful

the main gameplay is done but i am planning on adding some more stuff such as

  1. new ui
  2. new badge icons
  3. new gamepass icons
  4. better ending

this post is kinda a feedback and kinda just showing off my game but it would be greatly aprreiciated if you could give some feedback on the game whether its new stuff that would make the game better or just a bug that you found

Play here!
(3) Honair’s Haven - Roblox


The badges should be capitalised like “Beat Viking Village” and also the “complete world 1” and “complete world 2” badge should say completed instead of complete.

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Wow! I love the style of building, but there are a few problems. The double jump and glider mechanics are really janky and hard to use. The obstacles are all instant kills, which makes it very annoying when you accidently slip up once. Lastly, the starter town houses are much too small and too cramped and close together, i would recommend making them a little bigger and removing many of them. Other than that, this looks like a fun game which could totally take off! :slight_smile:

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the movement is a little weird just takes a little getting used to
its supossed to be more difficult since the paths are so short thats why all the obstacels are 1 hits

the fact the the double jump activates when you hold jump after jumping is very annoying, you should have to repress it

oh ok ye i think it activates like that becouse when you press it down it counts as a press and when you un press it it also counts

i tested it and if you press it fast it will only count as 1 jump

i know, but it just makes for some really unusual and therefor annoying controls, I would recomment changing them.

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Heres my feedback. Right when I joined the game I felt a bit squished with the fountain and houses and the small paths. I would recommend spacing stuff out a bit. I agree with you on the UI the dark theme UI doesn’t go well with the cartoony style(or at least i think thats the style u went for). I definitely feel like you should add a tutorial to the game. When a new person joins they should feel out the game a bit. I’m still confused with the ballon and the fast double jump, and in general the parkour felt hard at he start. Another thing I recommend adding is a death animation such as falling down or something when u get touch a spike. Get hit away by those spin things. And show maybe bubbles when you drown. I kinda agree with 2 and 3 but I don’t think those should be your highest priority. I think you did well with the buildings and the terrain. One more thing maybe trying making the obstacles blend in more with theme of the level.


You Should Improve

  • Making the paths bigger
  • Add a turtorial
  • Make it very clear when you die with animations
    *Try to make the obstacles blend in the level if possible
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wow thats alot but ill adress a few things

i dont thinks a tutoril would rly fit but i was thinking off adding more signs at the spawn
the movement is pretty janky i used it from a pack since i cant script at all
there is a sound when you die and your player will fall into the ground so theres kinda an animation
the obstacles are supposed to stick out so you can see the obstacles but they blend in more in the second world so its harder

Hello, I have already played your game, I liked the graphics of the game, but your game lacks some kind of music or melody, for example, different locations have different music, sound effects and special effects would not hurt. Add a leaderboard or whatever. That’s all I can advise you for now! :smiley:

i was just about to add some music lol i forgot to include that in the stuff im going to add
the only problem is that the roblox audio catolog is bad

When you set the FOV to 120 and then jump, it resets it back to the default.

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just something i wanted to say im acctully remaking this game
ive been making devlogs for the remake to so if anyone wants to see the new games u should check this out
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