My New Game Idea

Hi, I am Tom Joe James
working On a Place
I Have A Idea about a New game
And I would like To Get suggestions

Game’s Name Is “Meet the Ro-Celebs”
In this Game We Make a Medium Sized map
And The map consists of models of Roblox Youtubers and a brief Description about them and the players have a chance to take a selfies with them (taking screenshot in third-person)

This game can attract Real Youtubers To visit

I need Some Feedbacks Please


So basically make an avatar model of the roblox ytbers and devs?

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it’s good for a day, but the game will probably die. People don’t really care about meeting a youtube model, they want to meet real YouTubers.

Not really yotubers usually don’t care, they want to play games which are fun, not be crowded by a bunch of people talking to them.

i dont think people would be easily attracted
Theres no point in taking selfie with a model that the youtuber isnt even controlling lol.
People could simply open studio, import the youtubers’ avatar model and take a selfie if they just wanted it with a lifeless model .-.

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This is debatable but I do not think models would get popular. HOWEVER, here is my idea.

Make a red carpet, meet and greet type game. Each youtube has their own room or section, and they can sit in it and see fans, and talk to their fans.

The rooms can be fairly small, but the front will have an invisible wall, so fans can see the YouTubers and talk to them, then get selfies without crowds surrounding the youtuber.

However, the chances of YouTubers actually joining in on it is slim, unless you are friends with them. Plus the game would most likely not get popular, like I said though, if you know a lot of YouTubers, then they can help you.

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You Guys are Right I totally accept those

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