My New Game! (Your Own Wonderland)

Hey there guys!
I just made a new game called “Your Own Wonderland” and I was hoping that you could check it out.
The game is built and scripted by me.
It currently doesn’t run on mobile,but I’ll make sure to work on that in the future.
It would also be very helpful on your part to give me any ideas or suggestions on what I can add to the game in the future.

Here’s the link that takes you to the game:

Hope you enjoy it!


The game is actually quite nice. At first, I just thought it would be just walking around collecting coins but the secret areas and puzzle to get past the tiny door was quite enjoyable. The only thing I would suggest is to improve on the building. Currently, it’s quite flat and a bit of a jumble of trees and bushes, etc. Maybe try to work with more terrain/realism and incorporate trees and shrubbery for the forest areas and details buildings/characters for the more storytelling areas.

Nice game! :grinning:


Thanks a lot!
Will definitely take your advice into consideration :))

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Thats a really sweet playful game. I liked the characters that you had in there and the overall feel of things. The colouring is great for the mad cap world it’s meant to be.
Couple of points:
Some Dialogue boxes were obscured by the characters, ie Madhatter
I also missed the chat prompts/answers in the bottom-right corner. Perhaps make them more visible, or highlight as they appear.
WARNING: You have a bad script somewhere in the game attempting to make 3rd party purchases:

Thanks for entertaining me