My new GFX background!

Feed back on my new laptop background?


Your character doesn’t seem to fit the background. Plus, it’s like everything is blending with each other. Use some good lighting and try to emphasize what you’re trying to emphasize.


Thank you for the feedback! I am not too good at GFX yet… Next time I make one I’ll try to remember!

It’s barely a gfx and more than two renders slapped on a roblox screenshot with a little coating of editing.
ever tried to export your world and then put it in blender?

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No but I’m going to start trying that soon, like put more time into them!

Here are a couple pieces of feedback I could give even though I am not super experienced at GFX:

It’s not really clear what’s happening in the scene. Right now the person is just standing there, and the zombie is facing the other way. You could perhaps make it so the zombie is chasing the person or the person is hiding from the zombie.

I suggest using blender to make renders since the lighting would be WAY better.

The image is also a very strong shade of green, if you edited the green layer on, I suggest lowering the opacity of it.

Last thing: You should’ve added some visible light source (like a street lamp) because it is visible that there is some light but no visible light source

I hope you found at least one piece of my feedback helpful. :grinning:

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I hope so, because I don’t expect you to be better if you just talk but no action.

I am working on a better version right now. I built my own alley, the characters will interact with each other, the characters are synced with the scene! I will update it asap!

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Working on it now! Also thank you for the feedback!

I am working on a better version! The green was also to represent toxicity in the air, but I’ll turn it down, you are helpful!

Is the new one better? I hope it is and you like it.

Looks a lot better I just saw it edit

Thank you, the previous one was a bit rubbish… I need to learn to spend more time on these!

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It took me a moment to figure out what was going on; it’s not very clear what’s happening. It took me a minute to realize the brown parts behind your character weren’t buildings, yet rather some sort of barrier or fence. As previous posts have mentioned, the lighting doesn’t emphasize what it should. I definitely see potential though.

Oh, ok! The big brown thing to the left is like a makeshift shelter, in the middle there is a fence, and on the right is a run down brick wall (It used to be a house)

Also I agree with the lighting…

I see it now. I see lots of potential, keep practicing!

Wow, this second one is a gigantic improvement! Although some things could be improved (For example, I suggest making the lighting more orangeish, to match the background, or adding more terrain behind the fence because right now it’s just an endless void), I think this one is way better than the first one.

Just stay confident, do everything step by step. You won’t be the best right away, that would be a miracle. Practice makes perfect

Than you all for the encouragement!

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