My new GFX made in Blender

Hi! Two weeks ago, I made my first GFX following a tutorial, since then I’ve been practicing a lot. And now i made this GFX (in blender). I want feedback and some recomendations to improve the quality of my GFXs, any other kind of coments are welcome too. :grin:


It looks great! Although one thing is the arm appears to be clipping through the desk


You’re rigth, i didnt see that detail. Thanks :grin:


Good work :+1: , the only problem i see is the shadows in the tables they look little bit off.

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Thanks for the recomendation. I will do better the next time.

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That looks really nice! the textures are very neat, everything except the arm going through the table (which you already noticed) is on point to me :slight_smile:

keep up the great work!!

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Looks really nice, the roblox character fits into the scene if you know what I mean. I can’t really notice any shadows.

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Wow. It looks great. I like it. Keep up the great work!:clap:

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Everything is great except the arm that goes through the table! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great work! Love the pose you gave the character. Some things I would add in, change, or work on are the following:

  • As you’ve already noticed the arm is going through the desk, simple fix.
  • Work on shadows, the room looks very nice, though some items aren’t casting the right shadows in the right spots.
  • You could (if you want), add some more characters in the scene to make it look more lively, full, and possibly colorful as well.
  • I’m not sure what exactly you’re going for, but I’d recommend adding a face to the character to give it more liveliness as if something is actually going on.

I hope my advice helps you in future GFX, other than that, great work and use of Blender!


Add some texture on the tables. Also, you make it more lively you add a few more people in the scene.

The arm in the second picture is a bit in line other than that, the gfx is very nice. My score: 10/10