My new GFX tell me what you think

Hello, so today someone sent me a GFX that They did for me for someone Witch I love so much and it made me think to make my own GFX so this is my GFX I did in roblox studio and pixlr.

Tell me what you think the render didn’t go to plan.


With doing this for free, I would say this turned out really good!

I love the theme, of the black and red. That helped balance the colors out.

If you want to start learning how to make renders, and make professional icons! I would recommend downloading blender, add some red lighting and try and remake this icon! I love the background though!. HOW TO MAKE ROBLOX GFX | (BLENDER 2.8 / PAINT RIG) - 2022 - YouTube

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I did the GFX if you want me to send you the one the the person did for me I can
and my laptop does not allow me to get blender for some reason even old versions but thanks for your feedback.

It looks good! Better than your last one. What program do you use for screenshoting the avatar? I use snipping and sketch.

I used my built in snipping tool on my computer.

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Go and search snip and sketch, and start using that. Its also a built in software, a buff of snipping tool. Its way better trust me.

Ok thanks for your feedback.

And your kind words help alot.

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try changing the Editor Quality and screen shoot it

it will make the corners pixels more soft

well but thats still cool made on roblox studio
8.5/ 10 :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your feedback it means alot.

You could try learning how to draw over your screenshot’s, so they look more appealing because currently it’s pretty low quality, trying to use a screenshot in place of an actual render won’t get you far. You could also try going into a support Website/Discord Server for blender to see what the issue is with your laptop.

That’s cool, but I’d add more details.

I came back to this post, and i just realized yours is way better than my first ever gfx… I am cringing:


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For your first it’s not bad if you have seen my first then it’s horrible this one here is my second and this is because I learnt that you can use Roblox studio so don’t feel bad.