My new GFX~ Trying to make thumbnail

Hi <3 Its my new GFX. Im trying to make thumbnail with it (add text,decorations) . But i don’t know what i need add, im tryed to add flowers and text but it weirs. Say your tips about it, say what i need add (text color, decorations). My Gfx theme is Fairy-God


I’m going to be honest, it’s not very appealing to look at
The background doesnt match the character at all, the light in front of the character just looks weird, what is the character standing on? The pose with the right leg is pretty weird in my opinion, the character is slightly to the right of the center so it’s kind of giving me hard OCD

You should focus on trying to make the lighting better which will drastically improve your GFXs,

Not trying to be mean, just being honest you need criticism to grow and become a better GFX creator, good luck @artazot1


Its hdri

Just render isn’t full, in my idea its flying pose. Player slight to right because spase for text.

Thank you for rate, i think you right.

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