My new Mini Project, Test, rng game

Hello I create a game rng, the goal is reroll Rng LOL

i devs since 4 months i’m a french devlopper and i have 15 years old.

this game comes from myself I had asked some questions on the forum but just for optimization but good according to them it was optimize

  • No this game haven’t auras and hairs ( i’m not modeler and Vfx Maker LOL)

  • This game that my first really Test !

  • i want opinion please !!

  • The theme: Manga !

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I mean looking into the micro profiler it doesn’t seem too unoptimized.

I think the core scripting is basically there, but really if this were to be publicized it would need an element of flexing. Something to show off what you obtained, that’s why RNG games work.

Also, I just realised the category, and I suggest this goes to one of the feedback categories as this is not a discussion about RNG.

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Thank you for your advice I intend to improve my codes it is with errors that we learn the most, you advise me which category

Pardon my poor translation (if it is)

Cette page est utilisée pour voir votre jeu et obtenir des commentaires sur la façon de l’améliorer - c’est vague.
(This page is used to see your game and get feedback on how to improve it - it’s vague.)

Cette page est utilisée pour vous aider à coder votre jeu, si vous avez un problème avec votre code, vous pouvez poster le problème en suivant le format et les gens vous aideront - ils ne l’écriront pas pour vous.

(This page is used to help you code your game, if you have a problem with your code, you can post the problem following the format and people will help you - they won’t write it for you.)

Je suggère de lire les articles épinglés à chaque catégorie car cela vous donnera des informations sur ce qui s’y trouve.
(I suggest reading the pinned posts to each category as it will tell you information about what goes inside it.)

Thankssss ! for your reply Thankss

When I have aquerie a good level I think start creating real games his could be nice in the future, my goal is to create entertaining games because I want to enjoy and play on my own game and you (players) play also