My new plugin Info retriever

When you want to quickly get someone’s User ID, but you don’t want to go to their profile to get the id?
Or you got someone’s User ID, but you don’t know their Username?
Well my new plugin Info retriever, will get the job done fast and easy!


If you put the user’s name/User ID in the top bar, and click search, it’ll find the user for you.
If you click the button next to search by: you can switch to ether Username, or User ID.
When you look up a User with User ID when Username is selected, it’ll say could not find user.
Same with Username, with User ID is selected.

If you click load character button, it’ll load in the character much like the Load character plugin.

Now, I know this isn’t a very original idea, I mean there’s already a plugin that does the same thing,
like this user lookup plugin.

But the problem with this plugin is that you can’t copy the Username, or User ID.
No offence to sleitnick(The dev of the User Lookup plugin) but this is very annoying.
So I made this plugin so that I can copy both User ID and Username.
And I put load character button coz why not.

I hope this plugin can help you in any way.
Also, I’m japanese so my grammer can be pretty bad so if somethings didn’t make sense pleas correct me.


This is actually pretty useful, as you can load characters, see the User ID, Etc. Pretty nice if you ask me!


I won’t be using this. Even though it’s not designed for User Lookup, Moonsuite Animator sorta gives me this affect though I can’t copy the Username.

The plugin looks great but I don’t like the font your using and your UI could be better however I like your use of dropshadows for this.


I’m planning to add a setting so that you can change the font

I don’t see the point of an actual setting for this. I’ve never heard of a plugin/game (or experiences as we now have to refer them to) that has a setting for what font a user wants to use.

also can you send me the link to this Moonsuite animator?

Pretty good plugin, but I would recommend upgrading the GUIs to make it look more modern. I’m sure you can get some inspiration from other plugins.

You complained that you don’t like the font, now you’re against a setting that allows you to choose your font?


well u aint gonna keep seeing the ui and font for a whole day just appreciate his work and use it if u want its useful and litterally he made it cool and UI and Font doesnt matter because a plugin called Load Character doesnt have a good ui but it got a pretty good sales so yea just use the plugin if u want dont just ask for a good UI and Font. No offense :slight_smile: ty :smiley:

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I just don’t think a font settings is needed, like I have never heard of a game/plugin that does it.

Absolutely agree, can’t you use Roact or something? (though I don’t know how to use it and I’ve made a couple of plugins)


That’s the point right? Doing something no one else has done, not following the crowd, being the first to do something which makes your work unique.


I know the gui is not great, but I do not know what to do to make it look better, plus I wanted to keep it simple, and I thought as long as it’s useful, it does not matter

I personally use these plugins to make statues of people, My old game which got content deleted and it had 3 Golden Statues and 2 Silver Statues and the game was a simulator

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I don’t like the UI, and I don’t plan on using this because:

  1. There’s many plugins that load the character, and you don’t even have to have a plugin to do so.
  2. Why do you need the UserID or Username?
  3. You can get all the info you need by going to their Roblox page.

8/10, I can see what you’re going for, but it doesn’t really have a point

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Yes you don’t need a plugin to load character model, but plugins just make it easier, and the load character button is just there for becouse why not, and it’s not the main thing.
You would want userid or username, for many things. eg: getting the key for datastore editor, setting the moderator in the script you would want userId, and yeah, you can get all the info you need by going to their Roblox profile page, but looking up the user, and then getting the userid take’s a bit of time since you have to wait for the pages to load. This plugin is mostly for programmer, and not animators