My new road system is lagging my game

Hello! I’ve just recreated my entire road system in my map to include a few roads and a highway. My curves are made by duplicating parts to make the road turn.

After finishing the road system (without adding any road markings or signs), I tried testing my game and it took first of all, a long time to load. It was also very laggy.

I also made sure all the parts are anchored, including parts inside models.

Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to making my game less laggy for builds? I’m not very experienced in building so I don’t know how to load these parts and making the game performance playable.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Turn most of the parts into unions, this helps prevent lag as its one union and not 10 parts.

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However, all the information in the union is still stored as if it WAS 10 parts, meaning that this wouldn’t really make a difference

Since you have parts inside one another, I suggest making it in blender, as you could avoid useless vertices.

Turning on Content Streaming | Roblox Creator Documentation would also help, as it doesn’t load the entire map or something (not familier with it)

Instead of using unions, you’re better off using meshes and delete extra polygons. You should also use basic collisions with Meshes unless you really need accurate collisions. Another way to optimize your build is to turn off CastShadow and Collision (CanCollide along with CanTouch and CanQuery) in parts that don’t need it.

Here’s more:

Try downloading your model as a .obj and then loading the .obj into Roblox Studio as a MeshPart.

That itself would help, however, the inner vertices is most likely the thing thats causing the most problems

Then you should download the Model as a .obj and edit the inner vertices in Blender.

unions, meshes, parts all have the same amount of vertices, if you convert 10 parts with 8 vertices each to a union it would still have 80 vertices, same if you export to obj

Unless there are inner geometry, which then you could remove using blender
I had made a model on roblox which had over 6k triangles. Remaking a similar model on blender and only 20 or so

i’m saying that if you’d export it directly from roblox and reimport it without making any changes it would still have the same amount of vertices

but yeah, that’s correct

try this: Performant Builder || Use meshes instead of parts!

I use this everytime I build inside studio (make sure to try this in a seperate place first as I think this doesnt have ChangeHistoryService enabled.

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Unions are extremely laggy, more than parts. They are actively calculating binary tree constructions, thus recalculating geometry too often.

I wasn’t aware of that, I figured putting multiple parts in one union would calm down the lag.

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