My new temple, please give me more ideas to make this better

Hey there, i just buit a temple and it kinda trash, waht do you guys think


You should use some mesh. And make some status

Take a little while and look at the model to see if your own mind can come up with decorations for it, that’s personally the best advice you could get.

But statues, diversity between the torches and looking up what you can fix at the temple.

Once you run out of ideas for the temple, go work on another model. I always do this cause when I run out of ideas for model number one I can go to work on model number 2.

I think it would be better if you add some details to the roof of the temple.
Also, changing the color of some parts slightly will make it more realistic.
Furthermore, the entrance of the temple shown in the first picture could be improved. I suggest using the following plugins for the the arch:

Gap Fill: Stravant - GapFill & Extrude - Roblox
Archimedes Two: Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox

Hope this helps.

Lacks detail to the roof/ceiling, and path. Maybe add some rocks and pebbles to the path. Once you add the roof and some detailing to it, try to fix the particle emitter. It looks out of place.

I like the veins but the fire is too wierd (Same sizes)… steps are too tall…its too elevated…but it’s good