My New Tycoon Game!


I’m a Roblox Developer who recently made a lot of games like DINNER, Christmas Eve [STORY], Amusement Park [STORY], etc… and now, this tycoon game on ROBLOX!

I’ve tried to sponsor this game a lot but it seems like it’s not working so now I need a little bit of your help.

All I need is you to play this game and please give some reviews on it like what should I improve and what do I do to make it famous? I’m putting robux on sponsoring too though.!

That way, you will gain money by getting views and I’ll gain robux for my hard work. We can help each other by doing this.

I would highly appreciate it if you played and gave feedbacks on my game.

Thanks a lot! Stay safe and stay in your home! :wink:

Eco Crash.


Hey I got an question, can there be only one player in each team??

Yes, only player can be in each team.

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Okay well there’s some type of glitch in your game that allows more than one player to join a team and they can kill each other, which would be annoying, you should fix it immediately.

But we have tested the game for 3 days ;-; Well I guess I’ll have to fix it as soon as possible or the game might get dislikes, thank you for informing me! Any suggestions on how to make it more famous though? :slight_smile:

I guess you should look for investors to invest your game in advertisements, and make some few enchantments on your game like background music and putting more details around the area, but I am no expert. Overall the game is good, but could be improved.

And I really like the GUI setup for the shop :+1: :+1:

Oh this is quite nice, I personally missed tycoons from all of the simulator outbreaks that are going on in ROBLOX.

If you’d like to get your game more well known I recommend the following.

1. Advertisement/Sponsoring
Advertisement and sponsoring are huge ways to get your game across. You want to make sure you have a well designed ad. If you aren’t that great at designing then maybe stick to sponsoring. They both are pretty effective

2. Social Media
Making a social media for either you or the game will impact it greatly. Getting an audience on social media will greatly improve the stats for your game. With twitter codes you can advertise on user ads which will make people head over to your Twitter. Someone might come across it and give you a follow. Maybe they spread the word.

3. Investors

I agree.

The game itself is very good though. Keep up the good work! :+1:


Thanks to everyone for giving me suggestions and feedbacks, but I’ve a question, what if I find and investor and he puts 100K For the game but it eventually fails to gain profit? What will I have to do and what will happen the to the guy who invested?

It is quite easy to Finnish the game.
Perhaps make the payment for each part a bit more expensive.

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It’s looking nice so far. Perhaps make some music that you can turn on and off.

I think a more unique name would be good, Ninja Tycoon is a classic name. And if you have enough robux, you should spend Robux on ads, not sponsoring. A well-made ad would catch lots of players.

From my knowledge of how this actually works in the “real world”, I don’t think you would pay them back if the game failed to gain profit.
Don’t take my word for it though as I don’t have too much understanding of how this actually works.

Nice shtick and personal touch, but the “run conveyor belt walk on buttons upgrade your building” tycoon style is so overused. Have you tried adding more to break the mold, like more ninja features?

I’ll be adding more stuff like mute/unmute music. Boss fights every 10 minutes and if you kill the boss then you get some money. More gamepasses. More ads and not sponsors. I’ll not make the gamepasses very expensive as it’s low price will get it more sales and usually new players on Roblox play tycoons so they don’t usually have a lot a of robux. Thanks for the tips guys, any more tips would help a lot! :slight_smile: :heart:

This tycoon looks great. But there a few problems for mobile. One, the leaderboard/playerlist can’t be accessed on mobile, so I was unable to see how much money I had. Most tycoons use a custom gui to show money alongside the built in leaderboard. Two, the shop button could be moved from the middle of the side to the top or top left corner because it is in the same place as the move controls. But other than that it looks good.