My NFS Most Wanted inspired racing game

History of the Project

Determining the Concept

So, I’ve been developing this game for 3.5 years now and over those years this game has gone through countless iterations. First, it was supposed to be a driving sim game, but I quickly canned that idea as the number of those games were starting to increase, and it would be hard to stand out. I then rebooted the project and had the idea to make it a checkpoint racer similar to Midtown Madness and OutRun.

Here is a demo video of that idea.

Shift in the Project

That was going to be the whole gameplay loop with a few other game modes until I saw this post

I got excited that something like this was made in Roblox. I wanted to implement this into my game, but the only problem was I didn’t know how to implement this. So, I messaged xChris_vC and asked him if he could point me in the right direction to implement this feature and he did! (Shoutout to Chris this guy is amazing!). So, after a few months of raging and late nights I finally got the AI working to a certain degree. Pursuit AI Update (Read Description) | Roblox - YouTube

Also, remember when I said this a NFS inspired game, well I spent time ripping voice lines from Most Wanted into my game and I even implemented a cutscene that played when you were spotted. But after weeks of testing, I noticed a problem. The maps were too short to showcase the AI, so I went back to the drawing board to figure out how I can showcase this feature to its fullest. I felt the best thing to do was to make it open world and while doing so I took inspiration from Most Wanted since it’s one of my favorite racing games. Over time I have add features from Most Wanted such as, roadblocks, a helicopter that chases you, heat levels, infractions, cost to state, etc. I’m glad I got this far to show this to you all.

Here’s the most up-to-date video on my WIP game.

Project NFS (Infractions / QOL Changes) | Roblox Devlog #4 - YouTube


looks amazing. A lot of things happening which is quite nice compared to most racing games on roblox, where not much is happening.


Thanks! I pretty much got fatigued with most of the driving sims on Roblox.

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Lookin’ good! I’m really curious how this will turn out!

(and thanks for the shoutout, appreciate it :heart:)

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You deserve it man! Thanks for all the help!

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