My obby game looks very empty need sugestions

Im not sure if this is the right topic but i made an obby that makes the player have the capacity to the players to teleport foward i made the start of the obby but it looks boring and empty can someone help me out?

You should try adding materials to the parts and stuff. For instance try making the neon kill bricks into lava. If you want you could add textures and decals and stuff.

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Try adding trees to the entrance.

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Added the materials turned out grat thanks:

Thanks added it i think it looks great:

WOW THAT LOOKS AMAZING! Did you make these trees by yourself?

no :sweat_smile: these are just temporary im gonna make my own models later

You need a custom sky.

The default Roblox one is grey and boring on the bottom, has no clouds and no character.

Try these!

Hope this helps!

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