My official resignation from EMPIRE Theatre

The following is from my official resignation from developer and all management duties at EMPIRE Theatre:

Bienvenido al capítulo final.

Welcome to the final chapter.

This is probably the most professional thing I will ever write.

I am writing this letter for the final time. Today is my final day as a developer at EMPIRE Theatre. During my time, I have introduced technologies and concepts that I hope will last the group for a long while - if EMPIRE decides to continue further. I will not be a deciding factor in that decision. I enjoyed my entire time here as an HR and Management, all the way from the beginning in 2018. But, here in 2022, I can no longer continue my duties and projects any longer.

Motivo de renuncia.

Reason for resignation.

No, there is no drama behind my reasoning. As much as I love juicy drama, there is none here. As I am finishing out my junior year of high school and transitioning into my senior year, I have little time to continue my position here. I am an editor of the school’s two publications, active member in three honour societies, and focusing my studies in AP Computer Science and many other honours courses. I simply don’t have the time. Writing stories, doing community service, working on homework, working a part-time job, and working on my mental/physical health, ROBLOX development doesn’t fit in. I need to be able to go into senior year prepared to graduate and continue with the future I want, without being held back by some other things I am in. In addition, the past few months have been mentally taxing, requiring me to resort to some unorthodox methods that I will not go into detail here.

Mi tiempo aquí.

My time here.

My time at EMPIRE has been a long and eventful period of my life I will never forget. The HR’s (where I don’t even know the names of the ladder), and the projects I worked on with the other great developers and creators - I will always remember it and your help and collaboration with me is something I can never thank you for.

During my time here, I have created many things for EMPIRE, and began the framework for some new things you might see here in the future. I made the training centre (which is no longer used), two application centres (one hosted on my own servers), the HR backend framework from scratch, a full theatre version (V11), and the framework for the next generation (V12). I know I will not be here for the completion of V12, but I am excited for what the new developers have in store with my original design, if they decide to use it. They might have trouble translating my code from Spanish, but oh well.

Á todas las que…

To everyone who…

Worked with me on development - Thank you for the ideas and insights you have brought me. I know I have been really hard to reach these past few months and I am sorry if I have ignored your DM’s. It has been a hard past few months, and I hope I can talk with you again in the future.

Worked with me in HR - Thank you for the experience you have given me and the laughs we shared. I know I was never professional, and I never will be, but I hope we got to know each other well and share a laugh or two while on call or in HR chat.

Knew me on a personal level - you know who you are. Lauryn, Craze, Kharter, Monty, Tyrone, and more. You are amazing. You have helped me through my ups and downs, rants about other people, and laughed on calls for hours. We always did a lot of things together, and I hope we can again - even though you guys aren’t HRs anymore either.

Is in EMPIRE Theatre - thank you. You guys made this an amazing three years as an HR and 5 years total playing EMPIRE. You have created an amazing community of players, on ROBLOX and Discord. Thank you for the experience I was able to enjoy for many years, and paving the way for what is next to come.

Thought I was super unprofessional - good. I am. I never will be. I’d rather be personable and funny, rather than strict and not fun.

¿Qué sigue?

What’s next?

I will be transferring the HR backend to someone else with an account. There may be some service disruptions during this process, but everything will be fine afterwards. I can still do some updates on the web portal and API’s for a few months, then someone else has to be found to do them. I hope to see V12 be used as a framework for the next version. If it isn’t used, whatever. It’s entirely the next developer’s call. Not mine. The Discord bot will be transferred to someone else’s account, instead of mine. All web services under my accounts will also be transferred to someone else. I can still be contacted for a few months after for any questions and clarifying code by the new developers if needed.

There is the possibility of EMPIRE’s closure. That’s a worse case scenario, but still possible. Group games on ROBLOX are dying very quickly and aren’t popular anymore. Then again, that’s up to the remaining Management and HRs to decide - it’s not my place anymore.

Next developers, please keep the explodey buttons. I love them so much.

El fin.

The end.

Thank you. It’s my time to go now. I will be here on Discord for a while, and will pop on every so often to speak in main chat. Thank you for bearing with me these past few months.

Y ese es el final. Gracias.
And that’s the end. Thank you.