My parts are disappearing whenever unioned

![Screenshot 2020-07-01 at 4.33.56 PM|690x388](upload://2QHj


Can anyone tell me why roblox hasn’t fixed this yet? I seen so many answers regarding to this and it says “corrupted”. What do you mean by corrupted?? This only happens to me on a published game. I have to make buildings on a baseplate (unpublished) just so that this problem wont happen to me. This is a huge setback to building progress and duration and i just cannot believe that this problem is still going on for months - if not years - . If anyone has an actual solution to this please let me know.

Otherwise ill have to make games on a baseplate then just copy paste it onto the actual game to prevent this from happening. Very inconvenient and makes life even harder.

  • Yes i disabled CSG2 it did not make the invisible part visible

Just wanted to point this out. Yes im very frustrated.

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this is the actual building

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I highly suggest viewing other topics about this.

Thanks! I was just very mad that this has to happen all the time.

Nice, I have problems where my unions don’t load just like LeviKolarov nor mesh parts load. Reloading assets should fix this, thanks.

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