My place is lagging hard

Yesterday was everything good, and now today when I joined my game in the evening my game lagged hard, like after remote fired the thing appear approx in 10 seconds which should be appeared in 1 second.

Client Memory Usage is: 332 MB
Server Memory Usage is: 277 MB

My game is a testing, and it doesn’t have a lot of stuff, everything is destroyed when not in use.

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Your memory usage looks ok. Are you experiencing FPS lag? What’s your ping?

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Mines wifi is good, lag are for everyone. All 20 players are saying “LAG” in chat.
Anyway my ping is 105 - 800ms (it randoms)

Lag appear when 4+ players in server.

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This is a problem with your internet, not your computer. Your memory usage is very great.

Maybe you had some internet problem this day, maybe try later to see if it’s still fine. Are you uploading a file or doing something network-expensive at the moment?

Also collectgarbage() wouldn’t help, even with normal non-network problems. First reason, it is partially disabled in roblox, where you can’t force a garbage collect, you need to wait until lua launches an automatic cycle, and even if you could, it’s not that effective, it will just take care of a couple of KBs.

There is probably an intensive script running on the server somewhere. Check for loops and scripts that hog resources. We can’t really help any further without knowing more specifics.

Are you exhausting the remote events? Sending a lot of them, or sending a lot of data each time?

Since you said this problem is new, this might as well just be a problem with roblox’s servers, which might be fixed soon.

RunService.Stepped counts???

No, there are cooldowns i set to remote events.

It could definitely be the problem (especially on the server), since the callback code is run every step. What are you connecting to this event?

I looped models positions (so it’s behind player)

Maybe try removing that code and seeing if the lag is fixed?
As an aside, if possible, doing position adjustments like these are far better suited to be on the client. It will be smoother and scales naturally with the number of players.

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The lag kinda gone, i don’t see it anymore.
It was causing by the .Stepped loop on server side.