My porftolio on what I have accomplished

Hi everyone! My name is Matthew buy you can call me jumbopushpop112! I have 1+ years in Java programming experience. Started learning Lua this year! I am a good scripter in Lua and Java.
Attached here is my showcase game, feel free to check it out!

Showcase Video!.wmv (9.2 MB)

If you are interested in working together, shoot me a pm on Roblox or on here. Discord is jumbopushpop112#4800 thanks for watching!

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That file is safe, I promise there is nothing bad. Just a video of me showing off my game.

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This is some nice chat-command.
I think you should consider to make a radio system like the radio in unturned but more of a text-transmitter.
Where players key in a number to chat with those who keyed in the same number.
I will definitely buy that if you make it.

Thank you a lot for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

I found you discord not working.
Have you changed that?

Oh I changed the name let me send it. Jumbopushpop112🎮

That is the new name, I put an emoji in it