My portfolio! Builder/Modeler

Get to know me!
Hey! My name is Tristan, I am 18 years old and I am an experienced builder/3D modeler.
I have been active as a developer on ROBLOX since the beginning of 2020, so that is almost 4 years as I am writing this!

From a young age I was already interested in making stuff and coming up with creative solutions for problems. So when I found out that I could make my own creations on this platform I was hooked. When I started developing it was genuinely because I found it fun to do and I did not even consider that I could make money from it. But now that I have released a few games and have successfully been doing commissions for 1-2 years I have found out that it is also a profitable source of income.

What I am available for?
As of right now (Dec 2023) I am still in my final year of school. So I need to focus a big portion of my time on that. Besides that I also work on a few big projects that will be listed below. This means that I cannot take big commissions at this time.

What does this mean you may ask? Well this means that I will not be able to make really big maps, extremely detailed things. Of course this is negotiable but then the payment that I ask will be significantly higher.

Take a look at my work!
The work you see here is for one of my games called Quarantine-Aftermath. It’s a remake of the pretty known game Quarantine-Z. I made almost all the buildings and most of the POIs. NOTE: for this game we currently use assets from the synty asset store. Most of the assets in this game are not custom made by me.


:link:Game link: Quarantine: Aftermath - Roblox

Another game that I recently released is called Golf Frenzy :golf:. It’s a game for younger children where they can enjoy minigolf. I made all the buildings, maps, models, and some of the UI as well.

Golf Frenzy⛳

:link:Game link: [🏺EGYPT🐫] Golf Frenzy ⛳ - Roblox

This game is a WW2 shooter. Similar to Call of Duty. All of the maps in this game are still blockouts. In a later stage of the game I will actually give them nice visuals.

Project WW2💥

:link:**Game link:**💥Project WWII - Roblox

Here is some of my work I made for fun or for projects that never got released.

Other Work 🌍

How does it work?
Did my work interest you? Thanks! Here is how my pricing works:

I don’t have a set price at the moment. It is negotiable BUT on the high end for most people wanting to hire a builder/modeler. Good quality + good service = Pricier

Think of at least $25/hour* for my services (PAYPAL ONLY). If you want me to make separate models/buildings for your game we can also agree on a price per model.

Before I start working on the commission I make an estimate of the amount of hours I will need to spend on it. You will either accept or decline that estimate. That will be the amount that needs to be paid. I take 50% upfront and the other 50% after completion.

If you want me to make many changes to my work and it ends up taking me way longer to complete the project I will maybe charge more. Since you probably don’t want to pay more than expected MAKE SURE that you know that my previous work fits the kind of quality/style you want and explain what you want as detailed as possible.

Want to pay in robux?
It’s possible. Besides PayPal I also accept robux. Those are the only two payment methods I accept. But PayPal is preferred. If you want to pay in robux you either got to cover tax for a gamepass I make for you or you got to send me a group to join (If I got to join a group I will only start after 2 weeks and the first payment has been made.) NOTE: Since I prefer PayPal over robux I will charge 25% more for robux transactions.

*If you want to hire me as part of a big development studio I will most likely charge more for my work.

Interested and want to have a chat?
That is great! You can reach me here:


Thank you for looking at my portfolio. :blush:


Nice portfolio! Your work looks very good, nice job on all of it!

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