My Portfolio - Feedback and Suggestions

Hello! My username is IIGlockedII and I’ve been on Roblox since 2014, but have started building since April of 2020. Throughout my time on Roblox Studio, I’ve learned much and have, hopefully, improved in my style. I try to stick to a realistic sense to my builds because I believe they look the best, take the most effort (depending on the build), and help me learn the most. These first few photos below belong to my first ever real build, which I started on April on 2020. The main purpose of the map was going to be for a game at first, but since I had almost no experience with studio, I decided to use it to learn building techniques so that I could become a better builder.

These next two photos were of a build that included references to movies, the first one being Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and the second one being The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

These next two photos were my first attempts at a nature build, using Roblox’s new and amazing realistic forest pack and messing with the world’s lighting for the first time, which I had only known how to change the position of the sun before then.

With these next few photos, I decided to create a large scale space station that would feature multiple rooms and floors, along with a possible flight option outside of the main hanger in the space station. However, due to the main section of the space station being thousands of studs away from the origin, glitches inevitably ensued, and the project had to be scrapped.

There are plenty of other builds I’ve made, several I’ve made topics on and you can check out on my profile if you’d like, but the main purpose of this post is to gain feedback of my style in general, and how I can improve or how I can make use of my work or abilities as a builder and game developer. Thanks for checking out this topic : )


This whole thing is just outstanding! Your building skills are awesome!

Your builds are so cool, i just love the nature map

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Thank you! I hope the style has improved since last year and looks decent haha