My portfolio **Please give feedback, this is my first real post/Topic!)

About me

Hello i am F_0sc i’ve been building for about 4 years (on multiple accounts, my last account got terminated.) I am 15 years old and i live in europe.

Buildings Here are some screenshots of my buildings!**



The City Build is not done yet! but you can join the game here: City [SHOWCASE] (NOT DONE YET!) - Roblox

** Availability ** i am available for about 4 - 5 hours on mon - fri and i am about 5 - 7 hours available on sat - sun

Payment The payment depends on what i have to do. So the payment can range from literally 300 robux to 10k+

Contact you can contact me via this devforum, via my roblox messages or with discord: F_0sc #0682

if you guys want you can also reply if you like my builds, or give feedback on my builds! and if i did anything wrong on the topic please tell me.


Very nice work! I love your building style


Thank you :smiley:, i keep on trying to improve my building! and i try to improve in all the building skills/styles!

I like how you capture this one to make it look more realistic

and for others I like them as well.

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Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: do you have any tips to improve my builds?

Amazing work! I love your building style!

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Thanks alot! :smiley: if you have any tips, please tell them :smiley:


Awesome stuff man, very atmospheric with a great eye for detail. Nice job!

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This is really awesome. Keep up the great work!! Should use the new lighting features because it’ll make the builds pop. Well good luck and keep up the work

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