My post isn't getting deleted

Hello, I have encountered an issue. The issue is that my post hasn’t been deleted IN 2 DAYS after I requested it to be deleted.

The post

It happend when I decided it would be better that I delete my post, exactly at June 2 2022 9:53

I Don’t even know how I got 6 likes lol

Reproduction: I am going to list every move I did.

  1. Post a topic in #development-discussion
  2. decide that It would be better to delete it
  3. Request it to be deleted
  4. Change the title to “Deleted post, please ignore”
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I think you might be confused, changing your title to “Deleted post” and your post to “(topic deleted by author)” doesn’t do anything.

The “(topic deleted by author)” is automatically generated when you click the trash can icon, and 30 minutes later the post will be deleted.


If that doesn’t appear, you need to flag your own post and request it to be deleted.

If your post was flagged, this prevents the post from automatically being deleted. So your post was likely flagged when you went to delete it.


I did not do that, I clicked the trash button

I did that, and it was not deleted after 30 mins.

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@yousefoyoy This is the answer to your issue and it should be marked as the solution. If a post is flagged, it will not be removed until moderators take a look at it.


Ok, I marked it as a solution.

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