My prison game is having issues with getting new players - why?

Hello everyone so I been working on my prison game for the past 7 mouths. I think my game has issues in its on boarding process but I don’t know where. The game was released a week ago.

Game Link -

I’m not sure if the issue is in how the game looks, some bugs, people don’t know what to do, Boring, or whether entering the game is just plain confusing/annoying. It could also be that the game doesn’t have more then 1 player so they leave idk.

I added icons so people know what robberys are in the game. I added some tips for what the user just did. Like “You’ve escape prison!”

The issue comes with entering games. It could be that there is nothing to grind for like cars or guns. Also They don’t know how to escape or something… Idk. But some players enter for 1 minute or even less sometimes then leave according to dev stats. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I’d like as much advice on this game as possible because I’d really like it to succeed!

Edit: Thanks for the feedback some of it has been used to fix some issues with my game. UI is less bulky now. And Fixed the slow cars. I still trying to fix some more issues from your feedback!


It’s true that players don’t know what to work towards, so they don’t have a reason to keep playing. There are no guns in the gun store. It is trivially easy to escape from prison.
The UI is bulky and obtrusive and the buttons are massive.
The two free model cars you put in the game are bugged and accelerate very slowly; often failing to accelerate at all.
Whatever F and C do don’t actually work.

Overall, the game lacks progression, needs polish, and just seems incomplete so far. You need to plan out the “gameplay loop” and then build the map around it, not build the map and then slap in some locations with vague icons.


Thanks for your feedback! I will try to use this to make the game more finished.

Before even playing the game, people notice the thumbnails. If they are impressive, players join. I am sorry to say that, but your thumbnails are not impressive at all. They are bad quality and resolution. What I would recommend for this is hiring a GFX artist, or keep practising.

Also, why would anyone play your prison game, if there are a million more of them in the Roblox platform? What does your game offer that others don’t? When making a game try to be creative. Think of MiniToon , he was the first in the platform to create a “Granny” like game. Or think of asimo3089 and badcc , their prison game was one of the first in the platform.

What I am saying is why would someone play your game instead of Jailbreak and Madcity?
As @PezzoGuy mentioned, the game is incomplete with lot’s of bugs occurring. Try fixing these and most importantly:


Hope that helped,


Kind of why I put the game in alpha instead of beta. Thanks for your feedback!

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How will I even be able to hire a gfx artist? I don’t have robux and that sucks.

Then you should start using Blender, the program you can use to make GFX yourself! There are awesome tutorials on youtube on how to use it. But the most important thing is for the user to explore the program itself, it is the best way to learn. GL!

My laptop is too under powered. It will crash instantly! I run on a atom cpu and intel hp grapics.

blender doesnt take much to run I used to run it smooth on a garbage 100 dollar laptop

A side note I made all UI less bulky. I also fixed the cars but f and c features would be hard to code in the game.