My Process of creating my first build in roblox as an industry developer

I have decided to create a very ambitious roblox build called the “Citadel”, which is a huge group of sky islands sourounding an ancient temple, and all of these sky islands are connected to this temple by huge chains. I have delved into roblox development years ago when I was a child, however nothing ever really stuck as I was inexperienced. These days I work full time at Riot Games (no I dont work on league of legends), and have recently gotten a ton of free time, so I decided to see what I could create for fun.

The first step was creating a map. I actually had created the map two times, but settled on this circular shape, and placed all of the markers for anything notable on each island. I am probably still going to add things as I continue to make the build, but I want there to be points of interests on every island. I then scanned my sketch and edited on photoshop.

My initial plan was to make the outlines of the islands on blender, however I noticed that roblox studio has a mesh size limit, so I could not do that, and still accomplish the size of the map that I wanted it to be.

So I modled a wall that lies on the edge of the sky island, and I am currently jsut freehanding the outline of each island in studio. The shapes are not exact, however I am personally okay with this, as I expect to deviate from the initial concept quite a bit as I gain other ideas as I build. However the building blocks are still the same. Same amount of islands, same place they would be.

Currently I am done with 8/12 island outlines. Creating the outlines to scale isnt too hard, just time consuming, and its just the groundwork to the fun part that will eventually come. After the island outlines are made and the terrain filling of the island is made, I intend on doing the tower in the middle, and make the chains. After that I will do the spawn island’s temple, and fill up each island one by one from there.

Lighting and stuff, I am not really focused on for now, that can come later.

Any tips and stuff and welcomed, especially when it comes to terrain. I mostly made this thread to learn and show my progress. If this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it and apologies in advanced.


I think it would be in help-feedback

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Previous post are right about this needing to be in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback , but that is not the point.

It looks pretty well planned and I like the overall design. Seems like it could be used in a game in the future.


Do you work on Valorant? RIOT GUN BUDDY HOO HOO HOO ahem This looks like a really cool project! The map design looks to be cool, and I would love to implement this in my PvP game I’m currently working on. Good luck with the build!
-Zozaf riot id: Zozaf#6969 :sweat_smile:

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Well the majority of people who work at Riot tends not to play their games, however majority of the people are nice and passionate about what they do. When it comes to working there, its okay I suppose. Its a mixed bag, but at the end of the day its just a job.

I’d put it at the lower end of quality compared to other video game companies since most of the work is on something already established, instead of working on something new and getting to have at least some creativity.

Not to mention the workplace politics are a huge thing. I’m not a huge socializer, so i’m not always on the top of the totem pole when it comes to being peoples favorite.

But its okay, if I had high expectations I’d definitely be ashamed of the reality, but I knew what I was getting into when taking this job.

What exactly do you work on for the backend if you’re allowed to disclose that?

Do you hand out riot gun buddies?

I do mostly network architecture, which is the extent of what im allowed to talk about, cant really get into the nitty gritty of it all. But I do want to eventually move over to game development jobs, but it looks like thats years out, which i’m fine with, my portfolio isnt nearly complete. I cant really complain about what i’m doing now, its definitely not a hard job.

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UPDATE: I am re-approaching how im going about these sky islands. I’m going with a fusion of linear design and open design.

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This looks super promising, eager to see how it turns out. :slight_smile:

A bit of an update. To begin my redesign of the Citadel, I decided to start with the temple in the middle of it. The center piece of everything. So i’ve been creating an upside down pyramid type of structure. I really am having fun with it because I literally am just making up how it’ll look as I go along. A few hours ago I did not even know what i’d end up with, and I didnt even have a pyramid in mind.

Not to mention I am also wearing my Zelda inspiration on my sleeve when making this build. Its not finished yet, but heres how it looks inside of studio:

I plan on completing it tomorrow morning, and then I am going to be spending the entire day working on the new sky islands. For tonight though, I have a date with Tears of the Kingdom.


Updated some more. Finished the temple and here it is in studio. The next step is to create its souroundings, and make the enviroment fit it more. I at first wanted to make it completely white, and fit an ancient roman style, however I decided to opt out and instead made it more of an more ancient western type of look (more specifically South America), making things colorful.

EDIT: Just now realized you cant enlarge images, but this temple is an upside down pyramid. At the bottom and the top it has chains keeping it in place. The pyramid has features closely resembling an angel, with its huge wings, aswell as having a halo at the very top of it.

From this I am sure you guys can tell that I absolutely LOVE making things you’d never see in real life, and I also like to challenge myself by making things without reference, and without an idea of what i’d actually create. I just knew I wanted to make a temple that would serve the purpose of a dungeon. I did not even know it would be a pyramid at first.

This of course isnt a very good way of making builds, but I find this way more fun.


this is needed to be in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback but it’s insane, I’m wondering if you can recreate any big places in my country (United Arab Emirates)

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This looks like a really cool and ambitious project- curious as to how you created the initial outlines though. Did you only use studio’s rotate tool or a plugin like archimedes? Currently struggling with a map where I have to utilize a lot of curves for the sake of architecture.

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Probably with enough time and patience!

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I rarely ever use roblox parts because quick frankly its the most unituitive, unoptimized, overly complicated mess I have ever seen when it comes to creating environments.

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This is amazing! It looks straight out of BoTW or ToTK, especially the Temple of Time in ToTK

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