My ragdollin system isn't working

So I’m trying to make a slap battles fangame and my ragdolling system isn’t working well. Can anybody help me?

It works for dummies but not for players.

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It’d help to share the full code.

Might be completely tangental but maybes it related to:




—> Seeing as the default rig wouldnt have any animations playing, but the player would, i think this is most likely?

do not use platform stand it disables collisions

here is a better solution:
make a localscript in the starter char scripts

make it listen to the changed event of a ragdoll boolvalue

and just do this

local char = script.Parent

  if v then
     char.Humanoid:ChangeState(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Physics) --platform stand with collision
     char.Humanoid:ChangeState(Enum.HumanoidStateType.GettingUp) --else the character will fling while getting up

I wouldnt even want collidable ragdolls ibr

why? so he wants the limbs to collide with the baseplate like this?
(image from another thread with the same topic)

Where does it even say platform stand turns off collisions its a humanoid property and the documentation says nothing about that

it even says in the roblox debhub

“Physics state is similar to platfrom stand but doesnt disable collisions”
please research before being here or you will end up spreading misinformation like this

I see you’re making a clone of Slap Battles, good on ya.

Whatever is triggering the client, you have the change the Humanoids State on the server and client. Changing the state on the server will only show the server the effect, you need the clients to see the effect too. Use a RemoteEvent or RemoteFunction to tell the clients which players to ragdoll.

you actually dont need to do in the server as the players computer is the physics handler, so if you do it in the client it will work in the server too

unless its a npc

Says nothing about collisions but ok calm

I’ve tested this countless times, it genuinely depends on the situation and how you’re using the states. It’s why I recommend changing it on all the clients instead. I did update my post a bit though

please open roblox studio and enable platform stand in a test game. You will see the legs collide with the baseplate. Is it that hard?

U should look into this its p cool

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Cba and i dont really care sorry