My randomly generated block terrain using perlin noise

You can 100% make a game out of Perlin noise generation, but I just did this for fun. Perlin noise generation was a very fun thing to make, if you are somebody who has a good knowledge in scripting, this is something to check out.

I also hit a record low of 15 fps whilst I took this screenshot.


It is not terrain, it is parts


Wow, youve convinced me to use perlin noise

that looks good, but can you make other terrain with it?

It is randomly generated if that is what you are asking.

sorry for late reply

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I mean like can I make a desert along with plains?

Hmmm, I only followed a perlin noise tutorial, I cannot help you with generating biomes like a game similar to minecraft.

but i do know that minecraft auto generates its biomes by using a sort of temperature map, a map with randomly generated temperatures, other then that i am clueless, you would have to ask somebody who has a lot of experience with random generation


there is a way to convert parts to terrain that would look cool.

Yes there is a function for that, but I cannot remember what i was called