My rbxl file isnt working, invalid xml

I want to open my rbxl file but every time I try to open it it just says “Invalid XML”

I have searched through my files but the only autosave is very old and does not contain most of the game. I have searched for a solution but have not found one. I have spent a lot of time on this and I really do not want to lose it all.

I’m sorry but this means that your file is corrupted. Are you sure there aren’t any more autosaves?

More info: Can’t open place file due to ill-formed XML error - entire file overwritten as null bytes - #6 by cruiser_forever

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The only other autosaves are for other games

is there any other place i can look for autosaves?

If you are on windows, you should right click the rbxl file that isn’t working and open version history of the file. You should be able to find different saved versions of the file that you may test.

it says there are no previous versions available

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