My Reaper Leviathan

Reaper Leviathan Kill Streak.wmv (4.3 MB)

What else could I add to it? Any feedback would be helpful! Also, note that this took hours to debug and I still can’t make it swim correctly.


Wow! Looks really cool. This gives me memories, as my first game was an attempt to re-create Subnautica didn’t go well. But yea, looks really cool!

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I like how there’s animation for when it catches you.

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Thank you! I’m making a Subnautica game right now as you can see and it’s coming along well.

Sick! I don’t play much anymore, but when i first joined Roblox I always wanted someone to make a Subnautica game.

My love for Subnautica is starting to come back to me, this thing is so awesome! Good luck on your game.

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As cool as that is, I have to say that it is super risky to make Roblox clones of popular games.

You should probably make the back fin move if this is a skinned mesh and decrease the underwater fog a small bit and make it blueish green

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This is the crash zone, a place where there’s lots of dust in the water. Yes, I did animate its swim animation. Thanks for the feedback!

How is it risky to make a clone? Copyright?

You cannot steal someone else’s or a company’s IP. Just because you are making it from scratch on your own doesn’t protect you.

Ah. I get that. Well idk bc there are so many copied games on Roblox.

Thats traue man. but if you want to make a game try to find a idea for it. For example im doing an airport.

You can also try to make like an adventure game or a Train - Racing simulator. Think a bit. There is lots of stuff what is popolar on Roblox and has potencial. So try to find ideas :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was actually thinking about making my own Subnautica-inspired creatures instead of just taking them. It felt bad to just steal something others made.

Thats a good idea. Im not the best developer but at least i know how to build a bit.

Yeah, I’m not the best at making models in blender.

Same. Im also not the best. I understand you