My Roblox Character Renders

Hello developers! I would like to share a few of my Renders that I have developed & made through Roblox studio & Blender. As you can see I’ve been doing a good job of the Characters lighting, I have also make sure to see that if the limbs and other parts are perfectly matched with the sizing of the avatar.

I have made complete development and animating of these Characters
@Cyanitem @Sheasu and my good friend @ItsMuneeeb I hope to make more for other people and to make them very pleased with my animating.


They look great, but one thing you could do is export them as R6 models so then when bending the limbs it has a nice smooth effect

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Oh hey that’s me! Those are awesome, keep the work up my friend!


Thank you and don’t worry I will :smiley:


Your posing is good, I’d recommend you learn how to use moon suite for animation, the plugin on Roblox studio and learn to animate, it’s a useful skill for your posing work.


I do use moon suite, hopefully it got another update by Six.

Those look awesome! Some of the things that I would recommend for your future renders, is that you can try and bend the joints to follow along with the R15’s joint system. (For example, if you want the lower arm to move towards the chest, please rotate the upper arm 90 degrees, and then adjust the lower arm.)

Plus I would also really recommend that you use plugins such as the Moon Suite Animation plugin to make it WAYY easier to position and export your renders to blender. If you are already using it that’s great, but honestly I cannot recommend it more than anything else!

I would also highly recommend using three-point-lighting to get a smoother more realistic effect on the lighting, and change the hue and staturation of the renders to pop out the colour more in a software such as Photoshop, or

I also have some tutorials posted on my channel for each of these things, so feel free to check them out if you want!


I think they really good. I would recommend to improve the quality more maybe use R6 and use blender to bend the limbs? This prevents the gap at the elbow area that’s caused by manually posing the avatar.


Thank you @Sheasu I will keep that in mind for my next animation project.


Yo looks really good! I love it!

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So I am making a new project for some other developers right now, and im trying ti animate the dummy for a simulator, and SIX just updated moon animator today and I think its broken. I have tried using it many times and its still not working any thing new?

Try using a rig! It’s easy and the results are phenomenal! Search “Roblox blender rig” on YouTube for information. I recommend the video from Alexander GFX [and music].