My roblox plugins wont load

For some reason my plugins wont show up, it has been literally months and i cant post a bug report for this.

I tried finding solutions in the forum, reinstalling plugins, even restarting my computer, none of these worked.

I am using macOS monterey

Before you ask, all plugins are enabled

Any help will be appreciated
(sorry if i got the topic wrong)

Why you can’t post a bug report for this?

Also this topic should be at #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support I think.

I tried posting a report but the new topic button does not work (maybe because im a just a member idk).

And yes sorry for that, im just gonna keep it here for now since it basically doesnt really break the rules completely.

I’m a member too but I can create topics in #bug-reports. If you want, make a topic for your bug and I’ll post it for you.

Just edit your post then change it.

Alright alright, im gonna change the topic of this post

And also i would really appreciate it if you post the bug report.
Also proof that i cant post bug reports:

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Also isnt platform usage being referred to as Roblox and not Studio?

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Make a topic for your bug report and I’ll post in for you please PM me, it’s inappropriate to speak about that here.

I have to go, see you soon.

I don’t know, I’m not sure. Anyways this topic shouldn’t be at #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

scripting support is completely different, it’s about scripting, not studio usage

Don’t mind Elliot, Members cannot post in #bug-reports. Can you show your plugins tab?

I know members that can post bug reports. Not sure how you get access to that considering I have 2 strikes on DevForum

Fair bit late, I know, but if you still wanna post a bug-report, you can message @Bug-Support (if they cannot resolve your issue, they will make it a topic in #bug-reports)

gotcha, thank you for telling.

Well so why I can post in bug report???

Can’t see a topic made by you in #bug-reports. Could you send a screenshot of the page?

Well I’m on my phone so I can’t currently, but I’ll do when I’ll be on my computer!

It shouldn’t be any difference if you are on Mobile or Desktop for the button to be enabled.

Yes I know but that’s just I don’t have space on my phone.

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