My Roblox Portfilolio


I offer my services as a builder, Admin or manager , investor and tester so far i have been building for more than a year now i may not be at a professional level but i can do decent work i am also learning how to make UI on roblox


i am showing my best games here i am not saying that they are the best of the best but theyre good and have a decent amount of visits

Test Subject (10K!) - Roblox this is my first best game has over 5000 visits

my 2nd best game : Extreme Parkour ⭐ - Roblox has almost 1000 visits

And i also work as a developer for these groups:

Anime Fighters Studios - Roblox i work as a obby builder for this group has 1000 plus members

The Clothing Gods - Roblox : working as a lead developer for this group has 800 members

LaserX Studios - Roblox : working as a lead developer for this group this is the group where my best game is made

now coming forward to my admin and managment positions:

i am working as an admin on a group named obby maker profuctions which has 1450 members and has a game with around 3.6M visits

i also hold managment positions in other small groups

now coming towards the investment part

i have invested or still invest in some group and games here are some places where i invested

Ponoa - Roblox : i was a shareholder meaning investor for this group but had to stop because the group was scammed out of the 2 original owners but the group is now back to normal the group has almost 1800 members

باركور سيد شبكة العاب العرب | Parkour - Roblox : this is a game where i have invested and hold 15 percent of all the earnings the game makes this game has 50000 visits

i only invest when you prove to me that the game or group can earn.

And as the tester part i have and still working as tester for some big groups for example:

Low N9ne - Roblox : i have worked as a tester for this group
has 9000 plus members

Tempted Studios - Roblox : i am still working as a tester for this group has 3000 members the special thing about it is that i was one of the first 100 to become a tester for this group

i also work as a beta tester for Roblox


I am fairly cheap as i want my clients to not to hesitate wehn it comes to payment i only accept Robux
as a payment method and also i want payment by gamepass no tax needed


you can message me on Roblox if its for business i will send you or accept the friend request and provide you with my discord keep in mind i will unfriend people to clear out my friends list

Thank you for taking out your time to read my portfolio
i wish you a very good day



here is the link to the group where i work as an admin!/about


And i also forgot to mention i have a twitter account where you can contact me just mention me in your tweet and i will reply if its business related im sorry but i dont have dms on on my twitter

heres the link:

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I recommend you not to add links and prefer screenshots more. There are higher chance of your builds getting stolen and used by others in their portfolio. I really recommend not to add links.

yes that is a really good idea i wiil provide screenshots of my work soon as i was facing some pc problems

and as the games i linked above i have been credited for my contribution towards the games by the owners themselves