My Roblox Skinned Mesh Rig isn't working correctly?

In blender, I have created a simple rig consisting of 15 bones/armatures. I exported the mesh and put it into to studio only to find out it doesn’t work. In animation editor, you cannot select any of the bones in the rig. I also found out if you made the rig into a starter character, moving would be very difficult as you would be dragged around by force. Did I do something wrong? I went into beta features but there was no “skinned mesh” option available?

you have to rig the mesh in robloxstudio.
RigEdit is a good plugin for this.
Search up tutorials!
Idk if I’m wrong, I have not worked with skinned meshes before.

@AwakenedElemental I’m not sure if it works like that. Blender uses bones that you have to form into the shape of your rig. RigEdit just makes rigs using motor6ds and welds.

Did you weight painted the bones? It seems like this is an issue here

I set the parent to automatic weights, if that’s what you mean.