My Roblox Solar System Model

I’m developing a straightforward simulation of the Solar System with the primary aim of helping individuals (mainly Roblox players) grasp the immense scale of our solar system and beyond by referencing studs. As I’ve been designing this, I’ve encountered limitations in what I can offer for the simulation, as many aspects become above my level of knowledge. I’m open to any suggestions for enhancements, whether they involve additional visual aids like the representation of the speed of light I’ve included, or anything else. I understand that requiring players to traverse long distances can be boring, but each planetary body will reward you with a badge and fitting music. (This is also possibly where suggestions could come)

Currently, in the simulation, distance and size are scaled at a ratio of 20,000 miles per stud. However, behind the scenes, I’ve implemented a fully adjustable scale system that allows for dynamic changes to this ratio on the fly. Whether or not I’ll let players control this ever I’m not sure of right now, I do however already provide ways to speed up and slow down real time.

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