My roblox studio game crashed and all my progress/code had been turned into a github page how do you put it back into roblox studio

I will provide more info but I need a solution quickly!!! ( I am horrible with code and really don’t understand it so please put it into lamest terms )

The good news is that if you have your code/place file pushed in GitHub, it should be saved.

If it’s a place file, just download the file from GitHub, open it locally, and save & publish it.

If you have it setup on a script by script basis, you may need to look at your commit history today and determine which scripts you modified, and copy and paste your changes back in.

Also, have you tried checking your AutoSaves in studio?

Hope this helped!

I think the question here is why did it save to GitHub?
I’m guessing you’ve put a free model with a script in it, or are using a plugin that’s been corrupted.
Either of these might explain why your Studio crashed and somehow saved it to GitHub, probably to be accessed by whoever made the free model or plugin. They may have taken someone else’s plugin, added their own malicious scripts to it and then saved it as a copy on the plugins page.


I don’t have sufficient information about what exactly you mean by “GitHub page”. In layman’s terms, we don’t know what is happening/occurring, could you possibly send any details of what it looks like? Feel free to hide sensitive information as well.

Well its just raw code CUSTOM ROOM VERSION 1
got it from output in rblx studio

I really don’t know how to access autosaves. I am really new to rblx studio

Well actually I did save it too github to transfer it into a map builder, and when I went back to change some blocks, I saw that my game had crashed. Also, I had disabled plugins before I started on rblx studio

Well, try this plugin, it cost $1.00 but really awsome:

Or you can use Rojo, a plugin that will sync your files into Roblox instances, and it’s free:

So just a basic script of codes into rojo will make my build pop up?

First, download your repository, then go to VScode and open the folder that you have downloaded, click “Start Rojo” and connect it to Roblox Studio, then you will have your build.