My Roblox Studio is infected with a returning virus, help me!

Hello, I have loaded a free model by accident, now there is a virus called Infection with an including script named ‘‘Script…Or it is…’’. When I remove the infections with an anti virus, they respawn automatically. I’m freaking out and don’t know what to do. Please help me
(I used my alt for it, it’s not a map but the entire account.)


This sounds more like a malicious plugin than an infected model, as regular scripts in a game cannot run outside of a play-test.

What plugins do you have installed? It’s most likely one of them that’s the cause of this problem.

Yeah, that’s kinda what I was thinking too. Since it comes back.

I’ve looked through your plugins and that might be the issue. These plugins of yours seem a bit fishy and if they’re still there it might still be causing the infection to occur.

Load character is really fishy cause Alreadypro made the real one.

These admins aren’t by the creators of the original commands so kinda fishy.

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That Shop GUI plugin isn’t even a plugin, its just a ScreenGui uploaded as a plugin lol

I found a backdoor - the Khols admin infinite plugin.


It might be a plugin disable all your plugins and then see

My friend has it too, his name is captenoli