My Roblox Studio window is stuck and I can't move it

I don’t have a category to put this in.

So uh, I can’t drag this. I tried uninstalling, restarting, all of that. Any help? I just can’t move it and I really need this Find All tool.

Assistance is appreciated :heart: :sob:

Yes, this is the full screenshot

go to task manager and shut it down there?

right click then end task

Didn’t seem to work for me

do you see it in task manager?

Yes. I pressed end task (it did close), but the window just won’t budge when I reopen any place

what do u mean by window wont budge :thinking:

The top part of the window (where you’d drag the window) is completely cut off and uhh, I kinda need that to move the window :flushed:

alt f4 it maybe?
(minimum charactersz)

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Oh shoot, that worked?! Thanks man. Much appreciated.

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your welcome if you want mark my post as solution so people know its solved

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