My Roblox voice chat is greyed out and don't wanna work

For a while now my Roblox voice chat have not really been working. It keeps being “grey” and I can’t talk or hear anyone else. In fact I can’t even see who has voice chat in-game. It has been going on for some months now, I have hoped that it was Roblox’s fault and it would have been fixed itself by now. But so far, still not working.
I have tried multiple videos on how to fix this but none has been successful. I believe that this is a realativly old bug yet I still can’t seem to get it fixed.

(picture taken from Neighbors)

I will appriciate any help on how to fix this.


This may help:,to%20re-enable%20voice%20chat.

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Not really anything in there that helps, but thanks!


This happens to me too, but in a different context. Usually mine is greyed out but people can still hear me speak, which results in a rather disastrous effect :joy:

If you’re positive it’s disabled, check your credential verification. If for whatever reason your verification was removed (no known instances of this yet) then it’d probably grey out voicechat.

Most importantly, check your device. Try using voicechat on your phone, and if it works then it’s a problem with your computer/microphone. If all else fails, I guess it’s time to run to Roblox Support.


Can only imagined what people have heard from you hahahaahaha
Aywho I appreciate your help, however after having deleted a lot of files and then re-installing Roblox seem to have done the trick, I can finally go back to yelling real words in-game :slight_smile:


Can you tell me the steps? I still cant fix the voicechat even after I reinstalled the game.


Sorry for the late response, I used this video here: Roblox vc not working ! FIX ! - YouTube
Follow all what he says and it should fix. Except for the part where he says “wait 1 - 2 hours and then restart your pc”, just restart your pc right after you have done that step. (That’s what I did and it was fine)

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