My RobloxStudio taskbar shortcut breaks after updates

It’s just a slight inconvenience but it’s happened a few times in the last month. I’m using Windows 10. It’s pretty self-explanatory:

Expected behavior:

I think this happens because Roblox changes the version name after updates:


I have a feeling someone made a post about this a while ago. It has been my biggest complaint about Roblox studio. I remember this irritating me before Windows 10 was a thing.


Bumping this as it’s still an issue- and is also impacting my ability to open Studio files from the explorer.

Here’s an example:

When I double click to open the file, I am presented with this screen:
The RobloxStudio option only appears because I went through More Apps, pick an app, etc. and resets every time I update.

This is incredibly annoying, impacts me 100% of the time and has done so for a few months now.

This is also problematic for my development workflow as I constantly use local files compared to cloud places for various reasons.

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Updates are great. In fact, most of the features that developers use frequently have all been implemented through a Roblox Studio update, as many of them were not present on day one. However, what’s not great is when these updates interrupt your work flow with their unintended behavior.

Whenever I launch Studio and realize I have to update it, I get immediately distracted from my development work flow. It’s not because of the prompt to update the application itself, as I believe it’s incredibly helpful for the app to automatically update. Rather, it’s what comes after the update is complete. Every time Studio completes an update, all of the previous icons for it, including the one I have set in a particular spot on my taskbar, on my desktop, and even my start menu, all go completely useless. With every single update, I need to locate Roblox Studio in my app list, and have to pin it to my taskbar, desktop, and start menu. I’ve been experiencing this issue for months now, and it still hasn’t been fixed. Something this small and simple may not be an issue if it occured once or twice, but when it happens consistently with every update, it definitely becomes a hassle.


As a developer I find it counterproductive to constantly relocate shortcuts for Studio after (quite frequent) updates. I use Studio quite frequently and I catch myself fixing my Start menu shortcut often.

It’s not a huge issue but it is quite frustrating after dealing with it for a while and it suggests a flaw in how updates or builds are structured. I don’t know if Roblox makes new .exe files or whatnot but I’ve never seen another program perform this kind of behaviour. I don’t know if it is intentional or not.


Until this is fixed, you can use the “Recently Added” section of the Start menu to get to new Roblox Studio versions. It updates often enough that its usually at the top.


You can turn it on here:

I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved?

Yes, this issue is still occurring.

Alright, when there is an update i will pass it on.

Bumping this topic since the bug is still happening. This is pretty annoying to be honest, i’d like to know if it could be fixed.

Aa! This always happens. It also deletes my start menu shortcut every update so I have to make a new one. Very mildly annoying aha

It is because Roblox Studio creates a new shortcut for every update.

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Still happening today, been dealing with this ever since I uninstalled Roblox and I had to readd it twice this week xD. Hoping something can be done to solve this soon, as this shares the same issues with new updates - disappearing taskbar shortcuts, desktop shortcuts being added every update even after removing them.

still a problem so i came up with a fix.
type roblox studio in your search bar, right click it then click open file location. this should get you to the automatically created shortcuts. right click roblox studio and click “copy as path”.
now right click anywhere (folder or desktop) and find new > Shortcut.
enter cmd /c start "" PASTE_HERE for the location.

whenever you run this shortcut file it will automatically run the studio shortcut for you even if its re created after updates.

if you want it to have the roblox studio logo:

just copy the path of the actual robloxstudio.exe (for example "C:\Users\yourUser\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-80c47ff7f44d48f7\RobloxStudioBeta.exe")
then right click the shortcut you made before, choose properties and paste it here:

choose the logo from the list.