My robot keeps vanishing my character when touched!

Not sure if I put this in the right forum but, It was related to my robot model I modelled, and theres two issues! Firstly, When hes unanchored like any standard, NPC in this case, He vanishes and all his parts get destroyed.
Shown here, During a playtest.
When its supposed to be like this.
Outside of a playtest. (ofc cropped cuz im not gonna bother to show EVERYTHING)

My guess is that it somehow flings itself so fast it gets deleted as soon as the server starts??
He has absolutely no scripts too.

Now I tried to diagnose the issue somehow, by anchoring the rootpart.
But Instead, it DELETES YOU!!!

So in short, I have no idea why it destroys itself, destroys my character? Any issues or fixes?


Do you die?
Is the character model still in workspace?

It kills me yes, since I respawn like normally afterwards

Did you scripted it to destroy only when touch the player or all parts?

When it should move then he is making parts overlap each other and they all get touched,
equally causing getting destroy.

Anwser: You could just, when Player is touching your NPC/Rig then Player Health should be 0.
I only use the Destroy option to completly erase stuff from the Explorer (Like your NPC does)

The robot doesnt have any scripts.

So you mentioned you created the model.

So answer these questions:

  • Have you got anything from Toolbox?
  • Has your Robot any Collision problems, so try unanchoring it by changing some stuff.
  • Have you tried setting it on the ground?
  • Does it only happen in Studio?

Nothing from toolbox
Unanchoring it causes it to destroy itself
Setting it on the ground does nothing???
It happens in a playtest/Run

imma be so real, did you even read my post.

One thing to note, I did use spring constraints on its limb at some point

I did read your post through but some stuff weren’t completly answered.
Like did you have changed something after unanchoring?
It feels like you have not.

And it happens that some parts of the Robot behave different.
That’s my only conclusion!

All parts of the robot delete my character when touching it, which isnt even the intended purpose and or the fact it deletes itself.

I haven’t changed anything after unanchoring.
The only realistic change i did was remove a spring constraint I added to the back of the knees after I started to notice the issue.
Which didnt solve the issue.

Can you make a model out of it and send it to me I want to crack it
and wanna know If I reach the same problems.

If you don’t want to send anything you don’t have to, but I might not come back
because I can feel by seeing what’s happening live infront of me.

[I will not use the Model for my own ideas/sake, I will delete it after the Problem is solved!]

I’m not sending the model. I might have researched the issue anyways, but ill leave the post open a little longer to see if anyone has any solutions