My roleplay game intro how could I improve?

Hi guys, I made this game intro, how can I improve?


Either add some music or use a voice actor, it’s really quiet besides the helicopter noise


I don’t think music is needed, but maybe a sound should play when there is talking (Kind of like in Animal Crossing).


Hands of ur character must be visible and in action

Very cool, perhaps you could have a more minimalist subtitle screen with the name followed by the text, for example:
Person : Blah Blah Blah
I also think having a voice actor would be great but sometimes money is hard to come by haha.

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Nice intro. Maybe it is too long and doesn’t really explain the story also there is a little typo error where you say “you can’t be john anymore”

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It’s well made, but you should have a talking sound like in splatoon or Animal Crossing.

You should add more ambience (soft, background radio chirps) and add talking noise (e.g like sans from undertale)

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The helicopter noise is ear piercing and has an obvious cut in it.