My Room - Feedback!

Since my first topic of My Room - Showcase went inactive and it’s outdated, but hey! I recently published the PC revamp update a few days ago. I’ll be gathering your feedback on this, but except… You’re not allowed to ask me what to change on some furniture I made including GYM and PC setup, sapphire dragon, even bed and bathroom.

Bedroom - Primary Room of the showcase game.

Basement Room - Secondary Room of the showcase game.

Please, before giving me feedback. Consider sending me an image of an example of your feedback!

:link: Link to the game: My Room - Roblox


This is looking really good! This is better then something I could do!

Good job :grinning:


Thanks! I’ve made this showcase game from early January 2020 which I could think about making it. Now, this is my first showcase game I made.

Off topic reply, but… You can try to do better if you want to practice!


They all look great, but you need to add some detail to your bed sheets, they seem blocky and there are no shape to it, overall it’s good.

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That sounds a good idea, but I wouldn’t go for cylinder and sphere since they might take up a big memory usage to union, but I will give it try.

The first bedroom feels kind of empty though, but its still good so far

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BEDROOM: The bedroom is infact very nice, everything suits.

BASEMENT ROOM: This is a nice additional part and is the same as the bedroom. It is very nice.

I’m sorry that I didn’t add much feedback but this was because this is great.

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You’re probably right but… I have a plan to revamp this old bedroom which was on my roadmap update. You can always suggest to me what to add. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, and understandable that you didn’t add any feedback to my showcase game.

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Maybe you can add some snacks and food?

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Hi. Unfortunately, I will have to scrap that feedback due to insufficient memory that I cannot union the bed sheet with cylinder, ball, and part.

Uhm? That sounds like a good idea to add. Where should snacks and food place on?

Overall, this is a great project! It was very detailed!

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probaly create a cabinet just for food and snacks?

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I have other ideas as well. Probaly some instruments? Guitar, drum set, piano etc. Also you maybe should add a reading lamp as well. Hope this helps! :wink:

Consider adding that in the next update as I need to make a instruments room. Reading Lamp sounds like a easy build to make, I will have to put that in gaming PC setup as well. :white_check_mark:

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It’s been 8 hours since no one replied to this topic I made, but hey! I’m currently working on a guitar that @AzRollz suggested to me!

On left which I’m currently making. On right which I’m using it as reference.