My script is getting deleted on the server and it literally has no reason to

Why is Roblox always just so buggy??? Bad internet?? I really don’t know. But for some reason, there is a script inside a custom part inside a startercharacter and it is fine on the client but keeps getting deleted on the server, no free models have touched my game and I literally have no idea why roblox is doing this. Anything to remove/destroy anything isn’t present in my game (it only has 2 scripts) and I want it to have cool animated avatars and custom things for when you jump but FOR SOME REASON EVERY TIME I TRY IT it just deletes the script on the server but IT STILL EXISTS ON THE CLIENT!!! whyy man I just wanna do roblox but what is the point of this? no, i have no plugin malware either and it didn’t delete the second script, SO WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

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Scripts in StarterCharacterScripts will spawn in with the character, but they will not be there after a player respawns.



So you’re putting the Script under the StarterCharacter as opposed to StarterCharacterScripts?

Have you tried putting the Script under StarterCharacterScripts instead?

You didn’t seem to mention if this problem was only seen on respawn.
Are you saying at some point you can see the Script on the server, and then it goes away?

Just to be complete, as you probably aren’t doing this, but be sure that you are not looking under
Players.<playername>.PlayerScripts for your Script.