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Hello, kiddos
Im a 14(almost 15 O_O) year old pro epic code man
I’ve been programming for ~3 years and have been scripting on roblox for like 1.5 years
Alright aside from that theres not much else thats interesting about me B(


Bad npc man that makes u explode when u bully him-


Edit: Just wanna mention that the models were not made by me, they were made by a friend because im not pro epic model man :frowning:

Idk uhh pet system ig-

Pew pew epic magic-

Uhh code redeeming system-

Uhh shop-

quest system O_O-

Some of the more interesting commands from my discord bot (If you would like to test the bot yourself you can just ask me O_O)-



Im available way more on the weekends than weekdays cuz of uhh school


Prices are negotiable.
My preferred payment method is through group funds, however, if you would like to pay in USD you can ask me about it and ill explain my very uhh unorthodox method of receiving the payment.


sarin9o#8965 O_O

Alright thanks for reading
I tried to be epic funny man and make this interesting to read (no bully plz)


Great work you’ve put in. The scripting looks like quality work that could be of use for some.:+1:


Ty sir,
I appreciate the nice comment :smiley:

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Serious talent here. Works quickly, and amicably to implement features and fix other peoples bugs. Solid work.

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