My scripts and folders just disappeared?

Hi, I moved some scripts from a local place to a team create place and started scripting there. The next day (today), I went into the team create place and found that all my scripts were gone, in fact everything that I moved from the local place to the team create place just vanished. None of the folders I moved were there. I would put this in Studios bug but I can’t post there. In Addition, I can’t access the local place because I deleted it. Please help.


Sorry to hear that! Have you checked ROBLOX auto saves? usually ROBLOX studio will auto save your work in studio to access this go to file explore> Documents> Roblox> Autosaves


I found it! I reverted to an older version and I found all my folders and scripts. Thank you for replying anyway :slight_smile:

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Glad you found it! Awesome job!